14 Day - RuneScape Membership Codes

14 Day - RuneScape Membership Codes

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This code will give you 14-Days of Old School RuneScape (OSRS) & RuneScape 3 (EOC) Membership! The code(s) will be automatically sent to you via E-mail upon purchase. Please make sure the E-mail you input at check-out is valid!

  To redeem the codes once it's received, head over to payments.jagex.com , Click "Login", then click "Redeem A Code" and simply input the code you were emailed! That's it, now you can get cheap RuneScape membership for life! Also check our FAQ at the bottom of the page, or our Discord!

  If you have any questions feel free to Join our Support Discord by clicking HERE! or by using this link in your browser: https://discord.gg/ZtE4tqBtMh
You'll find everything from; Instructions on How-To Redeem our Gift-Codes, Frequently Asked Questions, Free Giveaways, Stock Notifications, and much more! 

  These are legitimate/white-hat/legally obtained 14-Day RuneScape Gift Card codes provided at the cheapest prices possible; fast, and automatically! There is NO chance of bans by applying our codes to your account. We can happily, 100% guarantee your account is safe with our codes! You can also stack as many gift codes on your account as you want! Our Membership codes work for OSRS and RS3!